Words matter

I think I always knew this, but these stay at home orders really make it clear: words matter. It is so easy to get bogged down with the thinking that I have to stay at home, bad things might happen if I don’t, and I don’t get to interact with people anymore.

But what if I were to turn that around. I don’t HAVE to stay home, I GET to stay home. Staying home is keeping me safe, so bad things are less likely to happen to me. I can still exercise, though I can’t go to the gym. I can still go outside, staying 6 feet away from anyone else who is out there. I can still talk to other people, using the wonderful technology we have I can even see them.

Do I want to be with my parents – why yes, I do. However, they are way safer if I keep my distance and use the phone and email. Would I like to have my friends over for a rousing game of cards – well yes, it would certainly make the time go faster. However, they and I are both safer if we stay apart right now.

I know that I am lucky, and am grateful that staying at home is an option (even an enforced one) for me. It has done me a world of good to stop thinking in terms of having to stay home, and start thinking in terms of getting to stay home.

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