Sometimes I just need to vent. I know things could be worse; I know that I should enjoy the present; I know some things are better. I also understand that it is easier to be around me when I am optimistic, and most of the time I am optimistic.

But sometimes I can’t get past what is happening right now. I know some of the pain is gone, but some of the pain is worse.

You say you want me to tell you the truth. I am hesitant, because I know the truth isn’t always pleasant and it isn’t always clearly one thing or the other. I understand that you may not really want to hear the truth. That’s okay. But please don’t tell me you want to hear the truth, and then try get me to admit the truth isn’t really that bad. Sometimes it’s not, but sometimes it is. When you try to steer me to more pleasant thoughts, it makes me feel that you are not really hearing me, and you really don’t want the truth.

It’s okay if you aren’t up to the truth. But please don’t tell me you want the truth, unless you are prepared to hear the truth.

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