Where are the manuals? I HATE videos!

Why is it that anytime I want to know how to do something in some software, I can’t find a manual anywhere? Everyone seems to be doing videos these days; that is supposed to help, but it doesn’t help me at all! All I want is to be able to search a document somewhere to find what it is I want to do; I do NOT want to have to watch a video that may or may not tell me or show me how to do something.

Is it easier to video than to write these days? Did people quit reading? You know, videos can be great, but I rarely find what I am looking for in a video…or if I can find it, I have to wade through 5 minutes of video just to show me 20 seconds of what I am looking for. I have neither the time nor the inclination for that. As far as I can tell, you can’t Search a video and go to the place in it that is talking about what you want to know; in a document I can Search and go right to what I am looking for.

I suppose this is just one more thing that shows how old fashioned I am. I think I may start a movement – BRING BACK THE MANUALS!

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