These are interesting times we are living in. We don’t want to go overboard with the Covid-19 news, but we do want to pay attention and be safe, and also keep others safe. I am not expert on this issue, but I do have a few thoughts that seem worth sharing.

Everyone is different, and comes to this with varying underlying issues. Please don’t judge others for how they deal with this. Someone who has underlying respiratory issues will probably look at this differently than a young healthy person. Someone who has to take drugs that suppress their immune system may look at this entirely differently from someone who never even catches a cold.

But please remember that we all live together on this earth, some closer than others. If you are a young healthy person who thinks that even if you get this virus, it probably won’t be very bad, remember that there are an awful lot of older people and people with underlying conditions in this country who probably will not fare as well as you will if they get it. If you have symptoms, please don’t go out in public. At this point it seems unlikely that you will be able to be tested for Covid-19, but even if you have influenza, it would be wise to not spread it around.

In short, it’s not just about you. Even if you get it and don’t get terribly ill, if you go out in public with it, you are apt to spread it around. And, like other viruses, this one doesn’t really care where it goes – you are just as likely to spread it to an older person who will get very sick with it as you are apt to spread it to another young healthy person.

Also, let’s all take care of those around us. Check with your neighbors and see if you can pick something up for them so they don’t have to go out. If you are worried about contact, make arrangements to leave things for them on their porch, or by their door.

And could we please stop hoarding things? Stock up on things that make sense – enough food so that you don’t have to go out if you are quarantined, for example – but you don’t need to buy up enough hand sanitizer to last you 10 years.

We will get through this, and we will get through this together. Let’s take care of each other.

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  • Nancy

    I agree with everything you say here. I wish we could all just get tested! I’ve heard that even low grade symptoms that they haven’t listed have turned out to be Covid-19. One woman only had fatigue and she tested positive.
    I will check with my neighbors to see if they need help!
    May we all be well and may we all treat each other with care and kindness.

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