Snow – I love it, and I can’t get around in it. Oh, I can drive in it just fine, but I can’t walk in it anymore. I am afraid of falling, so guess I will just have to stay in.

I do have to say that the snow outside my house is beautiful to look at. Here in Seattle we do not get snow very often, so it is fun to get it once in a while. Of course, it isn’t that much fun to have to go out and drive in it. I learned how to drive in Northern Minnesota, and got my license many years ago there in November; I know how to drive on ice and in the snow. Unfortunately a lot of people out here seem to think that four wheel drive inoculates them from all road problems – not true! Having four wheel drive does not mean that you can drive as fast as you want on ice.

Anyway, not having to go anywhere makes it easier to just sit back and enjoy the view. Of course it also helps that we aren’t among  the people who have lost power, so the main part of the house is still warm.

I really can’t complain to my family back in Minnesota/North Dakota about what is happening here. They have feet of snow and way below zero temperatures – much worse than we have. Of course, they also have snow plows and are used to this – after all, back there it happens every winter. They are going to win any argument having to do with the snow!

Stay tuned – if things don’t get better soon, I may go stir crazy. But for now, I am okay, and hope that you are mostly staying indoors and keeping warm!

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