RIP John McCain

John McCain died last week; he will most certainly be missed. I didn’t always agree with what he said and did, but most of the time he seemed to be doing it because he thought it was best for the country. He really seemed to have a love of this country that transcended political parties. Make no mistake – he was a Republican through and through. But first and foremost, he was an American; he cared about our country and the people who live here.

The country is going to miss having this patriot and true hero (despite what the orange guy in the White House says) working for our country. The next question has to be: Who in Congress is going to step up and think about country first/ party second? Are there any republicans left who have not taken money from Russians? Do any of them have any portion of their spine left ? Will any of them fight for the people of this great country? Will any of them actually try to make things better, or are they all of the “I got mine, f&*k you” mindset? Will any of them understand that they were sent to Congress to make things better for this country, and that to do this they will need to work with people who are not like them to get things done?

I am an eternal optimist. I still hope that there are enough people in Congress who  see that encouraging voting, not suppressing it, is what we need; that it is a bad thing, not a good thing, that another country has succeeded in meddling with our elections. And aren’t there any people left who understand that what is happening in their favor right now could easily and on a whim turn around and go against them in the future?

We have lost a man that I didn’t always agree with, but who seemed to operate out of his love and respect for our great country. RIP John McCain.

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