Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb – Which Way do I go?

I keep thinking I am going to write some fiction here, and then I get sidetracked again by life.

So today I am dealing with that age old problem – who do you believe & how do you decide what is right?

I have been trying to decide what kind of a diet to follow – and by diet I don’t mean a restricted calories kind of thing, but rather a way of eating. What I am finding is this: I could just pick a way to eat and then go find evidence in support if that way of eating. Because there are people who support any way of eating that you can think of. You should eat fruit, you shouldn’t eat fruit, you should eat low carb, you shouldn’t eat low carb, eat paleo, eat vegan – yikes, I could go crazy!

But here is what I am starting to think: people should eat the way that works for them, the way that gives them the most energy and makes them feel healthy & fit. That is probably enough. My problem right now is that I get so confused with all the advice that I can’t decide what that should be.

So you eat the way the works for you, and I will continue to search for what works for me. And while I certainly do not mind hearing about what works for you, please do not tell me that I HAVE to eat this way or that way, because that will immediately shut me down.

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