Guns again

I am totally flabbergasted at the people who are willing to bully the kids who are marching for their lives right now. People (and I won’t name names, though you probably know who I am talking about) who are calling these kids names, claiming they are “crisis actors,” and saying they are being used by Liberals. These people are old enough to know better. These kids just went through something that no one, especially our kids, should have to go through, and are trying to find solutions so that hopefully no one else will have to go through it. And all the NRA and their apologists can do is to attack the messengers.

I read something the other day that said the large majority of Americans do not own guns, and yet it is the small minority of Americans who do that are setting the gun agenda. That is because of all the money in politics, and that has to change. I have said this before and I will say it again – I have no intention of “coming for your guns.” What I, and I believe a majority of people, want are things like background checks for all gun buyers, and to get the weapons of war off the street – so yes, I want the automatic and semi-automatic weapons gone. Those weapons have one purpose and one purpose only – to kill people. So yes, I am for common sense gun laws.

However, if the NRA wants to make this an all or nothing proposition, than I am on the side of take them all. NRA – you choose. Either be willing to accept some common sense limitations on your guns, or give them up entirely. I know a lot of hunters, and see no real need to take away the tools that are needed to hunt. But if you need a semi-automatic or automatic rifle to hunt a deer, you need more training.

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