Clear, concise language

It is an old habit of mine to apologize for things that I wasn’t responsible for. Sometimes I say I am sorry for something because I am sorry it happened, not because I did it.

I am trying to change this. I don’t mind saying I am sorry something happened, but I am trying to be more precise in my language now. I intend to say what I mean and not leave the meaning open to interpretation. If I did somethings that I am sorry I did, I will make that clear in my apology. If I am sorry that something happened to you, I will make that clear. My intent is to make clear and concise statements. I no longer want to say something that is open to interpretation.

This is a habit I have had for a long time; it may take me a while to break this habit. But it is my intent to move forward differently from now on. Wish me luck!

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