My heart goes out to the people of Brussels! So many people killed and hurt, and I have to admit that I just do not get the point. It seems obvious to me that the terrorists are not trying to get people to come over to their way of thinking, because killing people at random never really worked for that. Is the point to just scare everyone? Because that might be working a little. But on the whole, I think people in general witness something like what happened in Brussels and then double down on their determination to NOT let the terrorists change them too much. It’s pretty hard to comprehend sometimes, but people are really resilient.

The terrorists just proved, again, that they can kill people randomly. What a thing to be proud of. In my heart of hearts, I wish that people would see that there are better ways to get others to listen to them. I guess when one is grasping at straws because they are trying to keep things from changing, even for the better, that anything goes. But consider this, it may work for a while, but it will not work forever. Eventually people realize that they have power. Maybe it’s just a little power, but when you put a whole bunch together, it adds up to something.

When is the human race going to realize that we are all one. What hurts one, hurts us all.

Some of the battles may go to the terrorists, but in the end, the war will go to those who abhor the violence. Life goes on. It always has, and it always will.

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