No justice, no peace

The color of your skin shouldn’t matter, but to too many people it still does. There are many people who have gotten beyond this, but way too many people who haven’t. It hurts my heart to see what is going on, but if this is what it takes, maybe we do need to go through this.

I do not condone the looting and the violence, and believe that there is definitely a difference between the protesters and the looters. But please do not misconstrue this as me thinking the looting is more important than people’s lives – I do not. But I can not like the looting, and still like the killing even less.

Here’s a thought – if we stop the killings, maybe there would be less of a need for the protests; if there were less of a need for protests, there would be fewer protests for the looters to hide in. But please notice that this plan STARTS with stopping the killings. And stopping the killings means that people have to stop seeing the color of a person’s skin as a reason to fear or dislike them. Maybe that’s where it starts?

I don’t have the answers – I just barely have the questions on this one. I just know that we are hurting everyone when we hurt anyone. The killings have to stop, have to be acknowledged, and have to be punished, so that peace can be restored. No justice, no peace. That is not a threat, that is the reality of the situation.

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