Lessons to learn

I have been feeling like I have lost a lot lately, but maybe that’s okay. It could be that the things I feel like I lost were things (and people) that had to go so that I could move forward. I don’t think there was anything bad about the people and things that seem to have left me, in fact, I rather miss some of them. And I am trying to some to grips with the fact that maybe it is just time for me to get my stuff together and move on.

I am facing some issues of my own that sometimes seem to isolate me. That is okay too. Perhaps there is something here that I am destined to learn, and for some reason, this is what I have to go through in order to learn it.

I have recently come to the conclusion that things don’t always happen for a reason, but that there is a lesson that can be learned from everything that happens. So my sincere wish right now is that I learn whatever lesson I am supposed to learn from this, and get to move on pretty soon. I can always hope.

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