I am taking a break to look after me

I am done for a bit. I have given all I can give, and need to take a break to recharge. And hopefully I will have learned a little something about taking care of myself.

I have been going through many things for the past few months, and have been trying to make sure that everyone is okay, since what is happening is not happening to me alone. But I have reached my breaking point. There are some that do not seem to understand that this tragedy is not happening just to them. I understand that they are hurting, but I am hurting too. And  I am choosing to take care of me for a while, so that hopefully I have it in me to look out for others again soon.

I am not doing this to punish anyone, or to make a point; I am doing it as an act of self-care. When I have recharged my battery, I will go back to checking up on people, because that it who I am and what I do. But, just for now, I think I will go crawl under my bed and be alone for a while.

I am not crying “oh poor me, no one likes me or looks after me,” because that just isn’t true. I have some friends who are very clearly looking out for me, asking how I am and seeing if they can do anything for me. I am very lucky to have these people in my life! I am just taking a break to look after me.

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