I am reminded that when I forgive people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I let them into my life again. Sometimes it is important to realize that it is time to let people go. This doesn’t make me or them bad; it may just mean that our time spending time together has come to an end.

I have to remind myself that everyone who enters my life is not necessarily there for the duration. They may be with me for years, months, days, or minutes. Some may leave my life because of their circumstances (they may have a child or move away), or it may be my circumstances that cause the change. I may realize that they are not good for me, or perhaps I am not good for them.

Someone may have mistreated me. I tend to forgive fairly easily, but that doesn’t mean that I will let someone get close enough to me to do it again. It’s okay to protect myself by stepping away. I can forgive you for something you have done, and still not want you close enough to do it again.

I forgive pretty easily, but  that doesn’t mean that I will forget.

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