Do something just for you

Do something just for you today. In fact, if you can manage it, do something just for you every day. It doesn’t have to be something grandiose and expensive. It can be as simple as turning off you phone, pouring a cup of tea, and sitting on your patio enjoying the sunset for 10 minutes. Take a bike ride or a run. Take a bubble bath. Do something that recharges your battery so that you have the stamina to deal with the rest of your life.

It is so true that you can’t take care of anyone else if you are run down and have nothing left to give, so if you value being able to help others, help yourself first. Sometimes it is important to say no to someone now, so that you are able to say yes to them later.

Of course, finding the spare time won’t be easy, but honestly, what in your life is? Maybe you will have to adjust what you do to fit the time you can claim as your own – you may be able to squeeze in 10 minutes of “me time” right before bed, when you don’t really want to go out and exercise in the dark. But that might be a great time for a bubble bath, or a cup of tea and a good book. And maybe your life is such that today you can find 10 minutes in the morning, but tomorrow you find them at night. Flexibility is one of the keys to good self-care!


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