Customer Service Pet Peeve

You know what drives me nuts? It’s when I have to do business with a company (for whatever reason – they are the only ones who do what they do, they are the best at what they do, whatever) that is pretty unresponsive to their customers. When I call, first they put me through a ridiculous recorded phone maze that eats up time and never gets me to where I want to be, then, if I’m lucky, I finally get to a live person who has to ask me the same questions I just answered for the recording because the recording didn’t pass on the information. By the time I get to actually talk to someone about my issue, I am a raving lunatic.

Can we go back to having live people who speak English answer the phones? I don’t care if it’s English as a first, second, or third language just as long as they can understand me, and I can understand them. There is little more annoying than finally getting through to a person and having to ask them 5 times what it is they said because their accent is so heavy I can’t understand anything they say. I am not saying that someone has to speak perfect English to be in this country, only that you should be understandable if you are going to be in Customer Service. Honestly – when did Customer Service become an entry level job that anyone with a semi-warm body can have (that is rhetorical).

I know it all comes down to money – doesn’t everything? And I know that the good old days weren’t always so good for everyone, but I sometimes do long for the old days when I could get a live person on the phone and understand them! I do love that so much can be done on the internet and through apps – but it should be optional (MY option), and I should be able to talk to a live person when I need/want to. Guess I am getting old!


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