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I cannot understand, and certainly don’t condone, what is happening in Washington, DC right now. The same people who would not quit spending money on multiple investigations of one person, no matter how many times those investigations told them there was nothing illegal happening, refuse to do an investigation of the current administration issues around Russia. I actually heard someone in Congress say that they should not be investigating people in their own party – WTF?

Our congress has gotten WAY too partisan. If there is any suspicion of wrong-doing going on, there should be an investigation, period. It should not matter if the suspected wrong-doer is of party X, party Y, from a blue state, from a red state, or a purple state, there should be an investigation with no pre-set outcome And unless there is new information that comes out, when it is done, it should be done. Unless, of course, the people doing the investigation are willing to admit that they need to re-do it because they are incompetent, and then the same people should not do the subsequent investigation, because they are, after all, incompetent.

The Republicans have blocked everything for 8 years, for the reason that they hated Obama. They decided, before he even was inaugurated, that they would oppose everything he wanted to do – not because it was bad, but because he wanted it. They even stole the Supreme Court nomination. I believe that they had every right to oppose the nominee, but they would not even allow a hearing to be held on his nomination. And now they want everyone to  forget what they did, and support the nominee of the current president. They apparently cannot even be honest with themselves about what they did.

Whatever happened to the days when we had 2 strong parties in Congress who understood that real compromise was the way to get things done. Neither party got everything they wanted, but things DID get done.

This is on the heads of the voters. We, each of us, need to take responsibility for who we are sending to DC. It is important for us to understand which people are and which aren’t working to actually get things done. And we need to get rid of the people who are working only to enrich themselves, and pay no attention to what is good for the country. Washington will not get better until we demand it. We must vote out bad representation.

P.S. I am tired of hearing your non-acceptance of facts. You seem to think that if you repeat something often enough, it will be true. And you believe in “alternative facts.” Well, an “alternative fact” is a lie, plain and simple. It will come around to bite you in the butt.

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