Common decency is common decency

I am learning, though slowly. Someone who doesn’t really know me accused me of being negative on social media the other day. I thought about it for a bit, and then unfriended her. It was a political post I commented on, and frankly, right now, I see very little to be positive about in politics.

Now, I don’t usually unfriend people just because we disagree – in fact, I think I have only unfriended one person before ever, and it wasn’t about politics. Mostly I think it is good to be exposed to different thought processes and ideas. But this one stuck in my craw, so to speak.  I don’t post a lot, but I do sometimes post. I re-post a lot of uplifting things, and sometimes get upset about things that are going on and post things that, I guess if you think  putting kids in cages and gassing asylum seekers is okay, could be considered negative.

But here’s what I have decided: if someone does think that separating kids from their parents and putting them in cages, gassing asylum seekers, and lying to people are okay, then I really don’t want to be their “friend” anyway. I can be “friends” with people who disagree with me on the best way to move forward in these complicated times, but these things are deal breakers for me. Common decency is common decency.

So I have decided that life is too short to pretend that what is going on is okay. I will speak out when I feel I need to speak out. I have never suffered fools gladly, but do so even less in these times.

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