Lesson learned

I made a mistake yesterday that cost me a couple hundred dollars – oops! The tire pressure light went on in my car the night before, so I planned on calling the mechanic yesterday. I checked the tires both that night and yesterday morning, and could find nothing wrong with any of them. So I drove on an errand early in the morning, then parked the car until later in the day. In the meantime I called the mechanic to see what to do. He told me to drive it in to the shop when I could. So I parked the car until a little later, then went to an appointment and then to the mechanic. When I got there, they showed me my tire was totally flat (it had not felt weird driving on it though). So I totally destroyed the tire by driving on it.

The mechanic told me that he found a nail in the tire, and that if I had not driven on it, he would have been able to pull the nail out and repair the tire – a much cheaper alternative! So apparently, when I saw the light, I should have stopped driving on it, put the spare on, and then driven into the shop. So here is where I would normally beat myself up about the tire. But I am actually quite proud of myself for not doing that.

I am choosing to see this as a “lesson learned” moment. I did not know any better at the time. Now I know better, and I will do better if it were to happen again.

I choose to not beat myself up. This is a win for me.

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