Cheating to get your kid into a good school

Just when I think that people really can’t get any more disgusting, they prove me wrong. Now it seems that some rich people aren’t satisfied with the enormous leg-up that their children already have, they need to make sure that their children have more privilege than other people. And some are apparently fine with cheating to do it.

In the past I have enjoyed two of the actresses who were caught up in this scandal – not anymore. I won’t watch anything that they are in – whether it was filmed before or after the scandal. There are kids who missed out on going to a school that they worked like crazy to get into, because these people thought they were special. That really disgusts me.

And then it appears that some of the kids who got into a school by their parent’s cheating don’t even want to go to school. So they are basically taking away another kid’s chance to go to a school so that they can say they went to a good school (regardless of whether or not they go to classes) and enjoy all the perks and parties with none of the studying.

What happened to our country that people even think this is a good idea? Not to mention what a great message this sends to the kids – obviously the parents have no faith that their kids could get in on their merits, since they are so willing to cheat.

I am just sickened. I know that all these rich people will probably get away with a slap on the wrist, or a fine they can easily pay. I am normally not very vindictive, but I do have to say that I hope these people get the book thrown at them, and have some serious consequences to pay for all of this. However, I am not holding my breath.

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