Yet another pet peeve: I really hate when I get a bill for something I already paid. I pay my bills through my bank, I can pay them on the due date, and I know that they are paid on time. So what happens with some billers is that they put a due date on their bills that is actually after their cut-off date for their new bills. And yes, that does seem pretty stupid to me!  Of course I end up wasting my time calling the company to make sure that I don’t owe anything, because if for some reason they think I do owe them something, it will end up with a late fee on the next bill.

Then there are the companies that say “DUE NOW” on their bills, and don’t put a due date on them at all. Those drive me even crazier. I have gotten to the point where I pay those bills about 3 or 4 weeks out. If a company can’t give me a due date, then I will pay when I feel like it.

One of the companies that puts “DUE NOW” on their bills is notoriously bad about posting money that they have collected from me to my account. So I can check the bank and see that they received the money, but they haven’t yet posted it so it looks like I owe them. I wish I could quit doing business with them, but unfortunately they are a large (too large, I think) healthcare organization that I am tied to with my insurance, so I am just stuck with them. When I do have to call them, it galls me that they act like it is my fault that they haven’t posted my money yet. I have news for them – I have no control over their terrible accounting practices, and I am not paying late fees because of them.

Yes, I guess these are first world problems, but they are certainly annoying.

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