Another school shooting

OMG – another school shooting! What on earth is the matter with us that we continue to let this happen? What on earth is the matter with us that some people think this is the appropriate way to deal with their issues? What on earth is the matter with us that we continue to let gun corporations and the NRA decide that the answer to too many guns in the wrong hands is less, not more, gun control?

Up until now my thought has been that we do not need to take everyone’s suns away, we just need to do more background checks and be better about who is allowed to own a gun. Now, however, I am starting to think that all the people who cry that we want to take all the guns away from all the people should go ahead and get what they claim is happening. I am almost to the point where I think, “Let’s give them what they keep making up anyway. Let’s take away all the guns from all the people.”

Your rights end where mine begin. I have a right to assume that kids will be safe in school and people will be safe worshiping where they want to worship. I have a right to believe that I can walk down the street or go shopping or to a concert and not be shot.

I can hardly believe what kids have to deal with just in order to get an education these days. What are we doing? We are pretending that we are keeping them safe by buying them backpacks to deflect bullets and scaring them to death with active shooter drills. This is ridiculous.

I didn’t make this up, but I read it somewhere the other day – if guns aren’t the problem, people are, then why on earth do you want the problem to have more guns?

If you have to give up a gun in order to ensure that kids remain safe in school, then get over it.

It’s time to decide if you are part of the solution, or part of the problem.


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  • Nancy

    I think this is a complex problem, but I’m all for taking all the guns away. We can start with that and see how much it helps (and I’m pretty sure it will help!). It’s embarrassing to live in this country.

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