What’s worse

I am on hold with the state trying to find out how long I wait to receive something that I sent in about a month ago. It took about 5 minutes to just get through all the BS and be told what number to select – so then I selected that number. Of course then I listened to that whole spiel, and didn’t hear anything I needed, and then the recording started over. So I selected 0 a couple times, and finally ended up on hold. I normally won’t sit on hold this long, but I really need this taken care of, so I will continue to wait, even though it has already been over 10 minutes.

There has got to be a better way to do this. Making customers sit on hold for indefinite amounts of time while they wait for a live person to come on the line is so NOT good, and it seems even worse when it’s the state, where I pay massive amounts of taxes, that is doing it.

And constantly hearing “Thanks for your patience,” which, by the way, I have none of anymore, is driving me nuts.

So, I finally got to talk to someone, after about 20 minutes on hold – I guess that could be worse. However, she told me that they are currently processing things from June – I sent mine in in July, and what I am trying to renew expires in September. The lady informed me that if I use mine after it expires, and I get a ticket, I will have to pay it. But the website doesn’t give you a clue as to how long it will take to process, so how was I supposed to know they were that far backed up?

My next step is to try to find someone at the state to complain to, not that it will do any good.


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