What I do

I am not an advice giver! If you knew what goes on in my life and my head, you would see that I am not necessarily the person you want to be like.  I sometimes judge others, though I really try not to. I sometimes compare myself to others, though I know better. I sometimes do things that I know are not in my best interest. And that’s okay. I am a work in progress. I try to cut myself some slack. I try to remember to be nice to me.

I don’t want to be the one you come to for advice. My gift is that I ask questions. I am not vested in the outcome, and so am willing to ask bold questions that may give you some perspective on your issues. These questions may hit the mark right now, or they may seem off right now, and come back to you later. Or they may miss the mark entirely. And I am okay with any of that, because I don’t care and I care deeply at the same time. I don’t have answers for you; I hold space for you so that you can find your own answers.

That’s what I do.

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