There is enough

I really don’t understand what is going on right now. How is it that some people can justify denying other people life-saving healthcare, and not just deny it, but take it away?  I have never heard anyone say that the ACA is perfect, and it certainly isn’t, but it is a good deal better than what we had, which was people dying because they couldn’t afford healthcare or medicine.

So, we at least tried and took a good first step. And now we should fix what doesn’t work, or maybe even scrap it for something that works even better. But some people want to just get rid of it. These people apparently believe that healthcare is something that you have to be able to pay for, and if they can afford it and you can’t, then there is something inherently wrong with you.

This “I have mine, screw you if you can’t get yours” mentality is beyond me. I have a hard time believing that there are people out there who actually think that way, and there apparently are.

There IS enough to go around – enough healthcare, enough food, and, yes, enough money, if we were all content to have a little less than all of it. I have no problem with people who have more money than I do, and I do have a problem with people who have are so greedy  that they and their heirs won’t be able to spend all their money in their lifetimes. What is the point? At some point you have to have enough.

There is no one who is truly 100% self made – they may have built a great company from scratch, but they probably didn’t built all the infrastructure they needed to build that company. They used water, roads, bridges, and electricity that was put in place by people who paid taxes so that these things could be available. If we all pay our fair share, then no one would have to pay more than his fair share.

There is enough to go around, but only if everyone is willing to share.

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