Tell them how you feel now

There are all kinds of reasons to remember that you never know how long anyone is going to be with us. The first one that comes to mind is all the horrific mass shootings that we have in this county. You send your kid to school one day, and they don’t come home because some crazy person with a gun decided to pick your kid’s school to shoot up. That is bad enough. I don’t know that we will ever grow a spine stiff enough to stand up to the gun lobby and do what we have to do – but at least we can try.

A construction crane in Seattle collapsed recently, killing 4 people and injuring more. There’s another reason. Some of those people who died were minding their own business, just driving down the road to where ever they were going: maybe home, maybe to run errands, maybe to a friend’s house. A crane fell with no warning, and now 4 people are dead. One minute they were here, and the next they were gone. There isn’t even anything we can do about this, other than to ensure that we have good crane safety methods in place.

You never can know how long you have with someone; things happen, people die. Be sure to let people in your life know how you feel about them now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t think that you will always have time to tell them. In a good many cases you may be right; you have years and years in front of you. But in some cases, things could be different in the blink of an eye. Don’t end up in that situation where you have to say, “I wish I had told him how much he meant to me.” If you can do it later, you can do it now. Don’t end up with regrets.

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