Technology is great – except when it’s not. So I just discovered that I had posted a couple blogs, only they didn’t post. So much for maintaining a consistent schedule!

I started thinking about everything we rely on technology for these days. Now I will date myself by saying (like my grandparents used to say) “I remember when…” fill in the blank. For me, it’s I remember when to talk on the phone I was tethered to the wall by the phone cord. And boy do I remember hearing about it when I tied up the phone talking to my girlfriends, and my parents were trying to get through. We had three phones, but only one line! These days everyone has their own phone!

And I keep all of my records on the computer, although I am a bit paranoid about things like taxes, and tend to keep a hard copy of them as well.

I am struggling to get all of my pictures onto the computer. I have a HUGE box of photographs that I really want to scan in, but it is such a daunting task, going through them and deciding what to keep and scan in and what to throw. On top of everything else, I used to always get double prints, because I had some grand idea about giving them to others, but, of course, ever did!

Oh well – guess I just have to get busy and use this technology!

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