Self-care – Again, or is it Still

It’s on my mind again – self-care, that is.  It’s cold and wet and gray and rainy (yeah, I’m in Seattle), and I need some exquisite self-care.

For me right now, I think that means a pedicure to fix up my cracking heels.  It also means getting out of town, just for a night, next weekend.

I seem to be just a little out of kilter lately – not a lot, just enough to throw me a little.  And just now I am realizing what that is.  I have gotten so busy with big projects, that I am neglecting the little daily things that help keep me so grounded. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why I am letting those things slip through the cracks – none of them take very much time, and they make me feel so much more confident.  So right now, remembering that I get to choose,  I am going to decline the invitation to beat myself up over the fact that I have been negligent, and re-dedicate myself to following through on just two things in the future.

Number one – I am going to go back to my twice-a-day ‘gratitude party.’  I love starting and ending my days this way, and while I am still doing it, I am not doing it consistently.  I have before, so I know I can, and so I will.

Number two – I am going to return to my daily practice of sitting with myself in silence (some people might call that meditation, but if I call it that, I can’t seem to do it!)  I will put no expectations on it – no set lengths, no demand for great thoughts, nothing.  I will just do it for as long as it wants to be done on any given day.

Do you do anything every day to keep you grounded?  Do you find yourself forgetting to do it, or pushing it off because of more pressing things that need to be done?  Have you found a way to remind yourself that it is important to you?  Please share your thoughts…

If you want to read more on self-care, check out my previous post on it.

1 comment to Self-care – Again, or is it Still

  • Sue

    Love these reminders… I consider them reminders because I too tend to let the self-care things slip.

    I can remember a time I thought such things were selfish, now however I have learned to recognize the importance of self – care, and that it’s more selfish NOT to make and/or take the time to care for yourself, which reminds me… it’s been WAY to long since I’ve had a mani-pedi!!

    Life is to beautiful of a journey not to take care of oneself. Today, I think I will take some time to read a book.

    Thanks again for the reminder…

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