Respect my feelings

I try to stay upbeat, to dwell on the good and not the bad. Sometimes everything just becomes too much, and I go through a dark spell. I am a real believer in feeling all my feelings; I really believe that I will not get over my feelings, I will get through them. And the only way to get through them is to feel them.

So if you happen to catch me on a bad day, please don’t say “Cheer up,” or “Other people have it worse than you do.” That doesn’t help me. I know that it could be worse, but that doesn’t actually make things better. And did anyone ever really cheer up just because they were told to? What I may need is someone to sit with me in silence, while I figure out my next move, or someone to bounce ideas off of so I can figure a way out of my funk. If you don’t know what I need, ask me. I may not know right away either, but I do appreciate being asked.

I try to not be in this space very often, but I am human, and I sometimes get down. Please respect my feelings.

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