Today I was thinking about recycling. I recycle almost everything – after all, I am from Seattle! I dutifully wash out food containers & cans so that they can be put in with my recycling. I have a food scraps bag in the kitchen so that all of that can get thrown into the yard waste cart. I hardly have any garbage anymore. And I try not to throw things out – instead I try to give them away. Most of my old clothing goes to Value Village. Today I was cleaning out drawers (finally) and I was starting a pile of stuff that I thought I would have throw away. Most of the stuff I give away is in great shape, but I ran into some stuff that apparently got pushed to the back of the drawers because it is in bad enough shape that it can’t be worn anymore. I really didn’t want to put that stuff in the landfill, so I looked on line, and then called Value Village. Sure enough, they take clothing that can no longer be worn and sell it to be made into things like carpet pads and rags – a perfect ending to that sweatshirt that I loved but can’t wear anymore because the sleeves are all torn up. Hallelujah! They said I don’t even have to separate the wearable from the unwearable – though I probably will anyway. It may seem like a small thing, but to this recycler it is great news!

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