Question #3 – Will this matter in 5 years?

Sometimes we seem to waste a lot of time and energy on decisions that aren’t as big as they seem to be at the moment.  Do you ever get stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ over a decision, only to look back at it a little later to wonder why you agonized over it for so long?  The next time you find yourself unable to make a decision about something, try changing your perspective a little by asking yourself ‘will this really matter in 5 years?’  If the answer is ‘no,’ then maybe you can relax a little, make a decision and move on.

Don’t get me wrong here – the answer may well be ‘yes’ about some things.  The decision on where to go for grad school may have a bearing on your future, and it may actually deserve a little more time and effort dedicated to making that decision.  But will you even remember what shoes you wore with this dress today in 5 years?  There are so many decisions that a person has to make in a 24-hour period.  Make sure that if you are going to agonize over any of them, they are the ones that will really make a difference to you.

There are two questions left in my list, and I will get to them shortly. In the meantime, I welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments.

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