Put on the mask!

I am so done with the ridiculous people out there who say they have a right to not wear a mask and that Covid is a hoax. I am mad that we have a ridiculous orange guy in the White House who thinks he can wish Covid away by ignoring it.

I am sad that I just found out at least 2 people in my family have now gotten Covid – maybe more, because more are being tested now.

People, please remember that with rights come responsibilities. I know I have said this before, but I will say it again: put the damn mask on to protect those you come into contact with. You have a right to deny science and medicine, but that right ends where it affects others. The person you save may be your own mother or father, or my mother or father, or me.

By the time this posts I may have gotten good or bad news. Think carefully about how your actions affect others.

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