Living a Joy FIlled Life

I am linking to a post on a blog on Brett Dupree’s Joyous Expansion site.  Check out his site in general, but here is a post I especially like – 8 Keys to Living a Joy Filled Life – . I was going to add one, but I just realized that it isn’t really an addition – it’s really just a comment on what I think happens when you follow his list.
I think Oscar Wilde said it first, but many have said it since, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”  You are the only one here (this universe and beyond) who can be you, so don’t try to be someone else.
By doing the things in Brett’s list (clarifying and living your purpose, moving from joy to joy, and all the rest) you will become the best you possible, and your life really will be full of joy.  You are here for a reason; your contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.  You are the only one who can be you and give the rest of us what you have to offer.  And just by being the best you and without trying, you will become a great example to everyone.
I hope you enjoy Brett’s site as much as I do!

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