Learning lessons

I am going through some stuff right now, and it is throwing some pretty interesting (and hard) lessons at me. And one of the lessons is that it is important for me to look for the lessons! I keep wondering why these things keep bothering me, even when it is what I expect! And I just this morning started to consider that it may be that I haven’t found the lesson in it yet!

People are into their own stuff. They have things, big and small, going on in their lives that may make it hard for them to see what is going on for someone else. I was probably like that before, and I am certainly like that now! I do not always have the bandwidth to deal with my own stuff AND with someone else’s at the same time.  I go through periods of depression that I don’t even recognize as depression until they are either gone or nearly gone. And I think I am realizing that what is important is that I acknowledge these times, and take care of myself. I am not proud of this, but sometimes I feel like other people should be nicer to me and take care of me. And this is NOT anyone else’s job – it is mine! I will take care of myself, and do what is important for me to do. I will also try to stop feeling responsible for anyone else – that is not my job!

Maybe I am getting closer to learning that lesson!

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