Good enough

I just read something where someone wrote about needing to no longer settle for good enough. That shocked me, as I have been thinking lately that I need to embrace good enough. But I thought about it, and now I realize that maybe both viewpoints are correct. Embracing good enough for me means shedding this need for perfection – the perfect house, the perfect kid, the perfect hair, etc. And the author seems to be referring to not settling for good enough in a context of a good enough relationship, or good enough life.

Yeah, now I am thinking that she is right. I do not need to settle for a life that is less than I want to have. I tend to settle for what I think I can have, or what I think I deserve.  And I can have as big and bold a life as I am willing to have. I do not have to settle for a relationship that does not feel my soul because I don’t deserve anything better. I do not need to settle for anything – I deserve and am worthy of the best – as are you!

And I am right as well. I DO need to drop this need for perfection, and to let good enough become my ‘thing.’ My house is clean enough to have company – at least the people I want to have as company. My kid is happy and well-adjusted, and while he may not be perfect in anyone else’s eyes, in mine he is. I do not need to have the right hair, make-up, car, spouse, or anything else – I am good enough the way I am.

So yes, I no longer settle for good enough in some areas of my life, and I strive to embrace good enough in others. And it may seem contradictory to someone else, but to me it feels just right.

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