I do not tolerate BS well

This is a confession: I have never tolerated BS very well. In fact, I used to have a friend who would introduce me this way: “This is my friend – she does not suffer fools gladly.” It was funny, AND it was true.

And I find that as I grow older, I am becoming more of myself. I am finding it harder and harder to stand by politely while people do and say things that are inappropriate and that I find to be stupid. So in this election season, I am finding it very difficult to not yell out at the top of my lungs what is going through my head, which is this: Do you people hear yourselves? How can you call yourself any kind of Christian, and believe what you are hearing and saying?

Whatever happened to a respectable GOP? I used to be able to disagree with, and yet respect, members of that political party. In fact, I still think that we are better off as a country when we have 2 strong and sane political parties that disagree on things and compromise to keep the country moving forward. However, it seems that it has been a while since we had 2 SANE political parties. The GOP seems to have been taken over by crazy people who want to take this country backwards to a time when they could openly discriminate against people who were different than they are – who worship differently, have different colored skin, and come from different places. They have become a party that says no to everything and everyone who is not a part of their club, and does not believe in what they believe in.

I don’t consider these people to be real GOP’ers; on the other hand, maybe this IS the real GOP now. I feel sorry for any people of that political party who might be sane. It seems to me that they are few and far between now. And I think that the old GOP is gone. I do believe that things need to grow and change – if you want to remain relevant in this world you have to. So hopefully the sane people will regroup and come up with something new – I think it may be too late to take your party back. You are going to have salvage whatever you can find that makes sense from the old, and move forward. And I hope you are able to do it, because I think we need both sides to make something good in the middle.


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