I am in charge of my own life

I am in charge of my own life. The choices are all mine to make. This is probably a good thing, although I must admit, there are times when I would like to turn over responsibility for my life to someone else. Sometimes there are just too many choices: too many food choices, too many drugs, too many experts touting their way to do something. I admit to being scared sometimes: am I choosing the right way to go, the right therapy, the right diet? And in the end, the responsibility is mine and the choices are mine to make.

In the end, I have to (or get to?) decide what is most important to me. Is the quality of my life more important than the length of my life? What does the quality of my life even mean? Does it mean eating whatever I want, whenever I want? Does it mean not eating some foods because they are not good for my body, so I feel better longer? If I do (or don’t) do something and it makes me live 2 days longer than I would have otherwise, is that a good trade-off?

It is important for me to answer these questions, though some days I am not entirely sure that I want to. Being in charge of my own life is sometimes tougher than I want it to be. And in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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