Another school shooting

Oh man, another school shooting! When are we going to be able to fix this?

I saw the news this morning, and of course, I started to cry. So I immediately go into my “I am a filter, not a sponge” mantra, and I try to convince myself that this is not my pain I am feeling. You see, I am an empath, and I feel other people’s feelings sometimes. This does make life difficult at times, and I am often telling myself that this feeling is not mine – it is okay to feel it, and important to be clear that it does not belong to me.

But this morning I had another thought; this is not happening to me personally, but it IS my pain. We are all one; what hurts someone else also hurts me. I believe that a large part of the problems we have gotten ourselves into here on earth are caused by the fact that we have forgotten that there is no “us” and “them.” We are dividing ourselves up into many different categories, forgetting that I am you and you are me. Countries, religions, haves and have-nots – we have really made all these up – they are an illusion.

Some of us have gotten greedy, wanting more and more and not caring about other people. People are amassing large amounts of what they think matters – money, oil, jewels; none of that is important.

What is important is that we take care of each other; we protect the kids. This is the important stuff that we all should be focused on.

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