Health insurance yet again

Yes, I am still fighting with my health insurance about a drug I take. They have finally let me know, after months of me trying to get information, that I am expected to try other drugs. I have already tried the generic version, at their insistence. It would be great to take a cheaper drug, but I can’t take it. I did it for 2 months, and the side effects are intolerable for me.

Now they have sent me a letter saying that in addition to the generic, I have to try another drug that is on their list. I have been taking the drug I take for over 7 years, and I don’t get side effects, and it works.

They want me to try another drug. The drugs that they want me to try all have lists of side effects that I would really prefer not to have. Several have a potential, however small, for PML, which is a brain infection that can be deadly.

These things do not matter to the insurance company. They are apparently more than willing for me to have horrid side effects from another drug. It sure seems obvious that they don’t care about anything but keeping their money. I guess if I die from a side effect they no longer have to pay any money out for me.

One of the most annoying things is that they sent me a letter that includes the following statement: “As always, the decision whether to receive the proposed service(s)/procedure(s) remain between you and your health care providers.” I call BS. My health care provider and I have chosen this drug for many reasons, and staying on it if my insurance won’t cover it is out of the question. Isn’t this what I pay for insurance for?

This country need to go to a single payer form of healthcare immediately. I will probably be dead before they do.  I will never understand the people who say we can’t have single payer because that will put the government between us and our healthcare. Well, I would rather fight the government about these things than a f^&@*ng greedy insurance company. I will never understand why we allow a greedy company to decide what should be decided by our doctors and us.

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