Health insurance

OMG – I feel like my health insurance is trying to kill me! I get the same prescription every month – because they refuse to send 3 months at a time like they used to – and every month they are supposed to bill my co-pay plan, and they even say they will,  and about 2 times out of 3 they don’t.

So this month, they called me to refill, and when I asked them to bill the co-pay plan they had to talk to the billing dept, who then said it was rejected. So I called the co-pay plan, only to find out that the prescription was apparently written in a way that the co-pay plan won’t pay. So now I am dealing with the doctor and the prescription.

Every time I have to talk to the specialty pharmacy that the insurance company uses, which is at least once a month, I end up in tears. And every time I talk to them, I have to be sure to get the name of the person I talked to, because about half the time, they tell me they will do something, and then they don’t do it.

The insurance company has succeeded in making me very cynical and distrusting. I am pretty sure that they would be happy if I died, because then they wouldn’t have to pay anymore money out for me. Of course, if I die, they will no longer get any premium for me, so at least if I die I can go to my grave knowing that.

I have an on-going condition that requires an expensive drug every month. I am betting that they treat an awful lot of people like they treat me. I know I should be grateful that I even have insurance, but I have to say that they treat me like sh%&. I really feel bad for people with more pressing issues than I have – like cancer.

If we can get to Universal Healthcare from this Covid-19 crap, at least something good will have come of it!

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