Heal the world

I am sad. My heart hurts. There are so many killings going on – it is too much for me to take. I sit here wondering if there is anything I can do to help heal this world – it all seems hopeless. And then I remember how many of us there are. By ‘us’ I mean those of us who care. There are so many more of the good people than the bad people in this world. It is important to remember that.

I don’t know that there is anything any one of us can do to help heal this world. But we can all live in the now, and do what we can to make it a better place. So let’s start a new movement – or maybe it’s an old movement – I really don’t know. My intent is not to steal anyone else’s idea here, so if you came up with this first, have at it.

Let’s, each and every one of us, do at least one thing every day to make someone smile. If all you can do on any day is smile at someone and get them to smile back – that is enough. If you can open a door for someone – do it. If you can do something huge for someone – do it. If you can do more than one thing in a day, or do something bigger – do it!

None of this is a lot, but if a lot of us do it, it could get big!

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