Have a great 2022

It’s that time of year when some make resolutions for the New Year. Well – that’s not me. I don’t do resolutions because, for me, they tend to last a couple weeks at best. I like to think about what my intentions are for the New Year. You may feel that these are the same, and if you do, fine. In my mind they are different. Intentions seem more forgiving to me. If I make a resolution and break it, then it is a done deal; I feel badly that I couldn’t keep my resolution, and that’s that. If I intend to do something, and don’t actually get it done, I can forgive myself for missing the mark – after all, no one is perfect, especially me – and rededicate myself to my intentions.

I am not saying that resolutions are wrong or bad – if you do them and they work for you, go for it. I am just saying that I know they don’t work for me, and I have found something else that does.

Whatever you do – resolutions, intentions, something else, or nothing at all – have a great 2022!

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