Are these mass shootings ever going to end? After this latest one, are we willing to buck the NRA and do what we need to do about guns? Exactly what is it going to take to stop these mass shootings?

I don’t want to take everyone’s guns. I do think that we need some changes, however. I have yet to be convinced why anyone outside active duty military people needs an automatic weapon. These weapons are not needed for hunting; they are used to kill people. Can someone explain to me why we need weapons that are meant to kill people out on our streets, where they are being used to kill as many people in as little time as possible? Is there a reason that people who are on the no-fly list need to be able to purchase weapons of any kind? Yes, I understand that sometimes the government gets it wrong, and puts people who don’t belong there on the no-fly list, but doesn’t that mean we should get the government to clean up its act and be more careful about who is on that list?

Can we have background checks on everyone who wants to buy a gun, even through private sales? Not having instant gratification and having to wait a short bit before you can buy a gun should not be a problem.

Can we stop this NRA-driven belief that it’s a “slippery slope” to put anything at all into effect? Just because you have to get a background check doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get your gun – it just may take a couple days. Is there some reason you have to have your gun this week instead of next? Putting common-sense laws into place doesn’t necessarily mean that you will no longer be able to hunt.

On the other hand, I am pretty fed up with the ridiculousness of the NRA refusing to even consider anything at all – their belief seems to be that they should be able to get whatever kind of gun they want, at any time. I am sick of the unreasonableness of the NRA, and at this point am just about ready to say fine, if it has to be all or nothing, I am fine with the NRA getting nothing. But if things actually go that way, please remember – the NRA did it to themselves.

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