There is a lot going on right now, things important to the entire country and things important to just me: it’s tax time, oversight is finally happening in Congress, I need to clean my oven. A lot of the events of the day seem life changing, some just mundane. It is important to me to acknowledge what is going on, and then to realize that this too shall pass, in its own time. I do what I can, make my opinions known, and then try not to fret about it. I take responsibility where it is mine, and try to do the right thing.

In the midst of it all, it is important for me to stop, take a breath, and be grateful for each glorious new day and the fact that I am here to enjoy it with my loved ones. The events of the day are big and small, important and not. It’s a busy world, and in the end, my gratitude is what keeps me going.

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