Government shutdown

It is past time to open our government back up, and let people get back to work and receiving their paychecks. We can argue about the best way to protect our borders once the government is open. It is disingenuous for some people to characterize this as people who want protected borders versus people who want open borders – that is really not the issue. The issue is about how best to protect our borders. But this is not about protecting our borders, this is about the absurdity of shutting the government down, making people work anyway, and then not paying them for the work they do.

The people who are forced to work, yet not paid for that work (by the way, isn’t that slavery, and wasn’t slavery abolished in this country in about 1865?)  deserve so much more from us. The government should remain open while this is figured out, and people should be paid for the work they are doing. These people have done nothing wrong, and yet are being held hostage through this. This has got to stop! Some of these people can’t pay their rent or mortgage, have no money for food for their families, and no money for gas to get to where they need to go. This is insane.

I do have an idea for the future. It won’t help now, but it may keep this from happening again. If the government shuts down, the people who shouldn’t be paid are the ones who did not do their jobs in the first place – Congress and the president. The people who are actually doing their jobs should be paid. The people responsible should lose their jobs over this – and we, the people can make that happen by voting out the incompetent ones the next chance we get. Of course, that doesn’t help anyone right now. Right now we all need to put pressure on our members of Congress and the president to stop this immediately.

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