Good Cops\Bad Cops

Okay – Chauvin was found guilty on all 3 counts; in my mind that’s a good thing. It is only a start, however. We do need to celebrate this small win, and then it is important to keep up the good fight.

It is amazing to me that people who just happened to be passing by stopped and recorded the scene that day. Some were young, and yet had the presence of mind to turn on RECORD on their phones.

I really hate to think about this, but what if they hadn’t? The first statement that the police put out said that Floyd experienced a medical emergency. Well, I should say so – but they left out the part where the medical emergency was caused by a police officer holding him down with a knee on his neck for over 9 minutes. If we didn’t have witnesses who recorded what was actually happening, would we be where we are today?  Or would people have just believed what the police said, and moved on?

I know there are good cops. I also know there are bad cops. As long as the good cops let the bad cops get away with being bad cops, this isn’t going to change. I know there are times when good cops have tried to stop bad cops, and have been disciplined, even fired, for it. But this won’t change until the good cops ALWAYS speak up against the bad cops.

I know it is not easy, and I also know that nothing will change until this is commonplace. I am begging the good cops out there to stand up for what is right. It is in your best and long-term interest to do so. Unfortunately for the good cops, the question is soon going to be, if you don’t stop another cop from doing something bad, are you really a good cop?

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