Congress is finally starting to look like the people they represent

Wow! It is so good to see a Congress that is starting to look like the people they represent! But as I watch all the news about it, I can’t help but think, “Won’t it really be great one day when this will be the norm, and it is no big deal.”

Because really, isn’t this how it should always be? We should be represented by people who look like us, and we are NOT all old white men! Yes, some of us are old white men, and I do think that the old white men should be represented as well as the rest of us. And yes, I know that the old white men have been over-represented in Congress forever, but that doesn’t mean that they should be under-represented now (even though I confess that I sometimes think they should all just go away and let the rest of us take over now, because historically they have not done a very good job).

And so I look forward to the day when all of Congress really does look like the population of this great country. And I look forward to the day when ALL people realize that someone else having the same rights as they do does NOT take away from their rights, unless, of course, they think that they should have MORE rights than anyone else.

And I hope and I pray that this will happen in my lifetime!

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