Being comfortable

I don’t know why, but one of the hardest things for me to remember is that I don’t have to fix everything for everybody!  I was raised to be a people-pleaser and to make everyone else comfortable. I am coming to the belief that it is important for me to be comfortable. I don’t mean that I should be rude to others, or to go out of my way to make them uncomfortable. No – I think that it is important to BE comfortable myself, because that is one of the things that lets other people be comfortable. Think about it – if you are around someone who doesn’t seem comfortable in his own skin, doesn’t that make it hard for you to be comfortable? Or maybe that’s just me – I do tend to take on things from others, so I feel it when other people aren’t comfortable.

Maybe it really does start with me. Maybe if I am more comfortable with myself, allowing others to be more comfortable, I won’t feel the need to fix things for anyone else. What do you think, is it worth a try?

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