I don’t mind getting advice; in fact, I welcome it most of the time. But telling me that I “have to ” do something, or treating me like I am stupid because I am not doing the latest thing that you saw on the internet is not giving me advice. Honestly, when someone talks to me like this, I shut down. I will try to be polite, but I have enough things to think about without worrying about the feelings of someone who does not seem to be worrying about mine.

If you do give me advice, please understand that there may be a reason why I don’t jump on the idea right away. Some things can’t be done with other things (for example, I can’t go with a paleo diet at the same time as I try a vegetarian diet). Or I may just be on overload and can’t even think about one more thing right now. Or I may just be taking a break from all new stuff just because I am. Please don’t take it personally. When I get advice, I generally file it away in my head so that I can return to it when I am ready.

I know that most people mean well, and I try to take their advice that way. And please pay attention to your delivery.

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