Insurance – auto this time

I am starting out my New Year trying to figure out – what else – insurance! This time it’s car insurance. We were rear-ended, and the insurance company totaled our car. Now I have had to deal with an insurance company totaling 3 cars before this – this is the fourth – and this is by far the worst experience I have had.

We were rear-ended by someone who has the same company as we do which I thought might make things easier, but I don’t think so! This has been so confusing from the start. They said to take the car to one body shop – we should have taken it somewhere else – it was almost 2 months before they could get it in! Now they have totaled it, and are acting like I need to make decisions right away. They want me to sign incomplete papers, which I am disinclined to do. They assigned 10 million (I am exaggerating, it was probably only 6 or 7) adjusters, sending me letters each time, but not telling me what these people were for. And they tried to tell me I owe a deductible – when we were NOT at fault, and this should be covered by the other person (who was cited).

In the settlement offer they refuse to pay for the new tires (had them for about a week before the accident), or after market stereo equipment that is in the car. Maybe that is legal, but since they have been so bad, I do not trust a thing they say.

They had the body shop take the car apart, and now the body shop wants to charge us to put it back together – shouldn’t the insurance company pay for that?

And we are down a car that we need. They are paying for the rental car only through Friday.

None of the adjusters will call me, even when I specifically ask them to in an email. I don’t actually know what is going on.

I believe my next call is to the insurance commissioner’s office – I feel like they are not doing the right thing! I don’t know that it is going to be worth it to get a lawyer, but at this point, I am tempted.

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